Meet the 4 lead characters of Party This Weekend.  If you want to know who you’re partying with before you show up to Vancouver’s exclusive “reality theatre” house party this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

LARA:  The poised, driven, and detail-oriented hostess…who seems to find catastrophe around every corner. The birthday girl’s friendship means the world to Lara, so if you don’t want to lose an eye, please don’t interfere with the perfect party Lara has planned for her.  (read her blog here)

CAMERON:  Lawyer and master manipulator. He likes the finer things in life and he’ll let you know what you’re missing out on. Between his razor-sharp wit and his gift for seduction, Cam’s presence spells trouble. It’s best to ignore him if you can and an even better idea not to cross him.  (read his blog here)

VIVIAN:  A well-meaning social disaster. A frothy concoction of equal parts distant parenting, celebrity gossip, verbal diarrhea, and reality TV, Vivian will make a personal connection at tonight’s party or die trying.  (read her blog here)

DEREK:  A quirky musician who’d rather be at home, but will try to conquer his shyness to humour his socialite girlfriend Mary.  Behind his mellow exterior and dry humour, Derek is nursing a secret that’s about to wreak some serious havoc on his evening.  (read his blog here)

Click here to learn more about Party This Weekend.  Tickets to this exclusive event go on sale June 15, 2011.

But before you go, subscribe (RSS or email – see links on the right) to get the latest updates from Lara, Cameron, Vivian, and Derek.  Comments welcome!


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